The reference company organization adopted by TOPGRID is based on a holding company, and a number of local subsidiaries, each to be located in the relevant markets with the objective of becoming a specialized and recognized player in the solar PV O&M field.

Some specialist expertise and coordination functions, like the remote Control Room or the specialized resources currently located within the founders organizations, shall be managed internationally while being available to all country operations.


​​TOPGRID - The Third Party Specialized Maintainer of PV Plants


The strategic aim of TOPGRID is to bring together and merge an international professional approach to O&M services with the local knowledge and presence in new geographies, characterized by very specific and harsh environment, such as among others, the desert area and the need to effectively organize and manage the on-local site team organization.

Currently, the identified top-priority markets are Egypt, the Emirates, Jordan, and Morocco, but new  geographies will be addressed depending on the rate of development of the various national solar market.

​TOPGRID is a Joint Venture initiative, specifically established to benefit from the smart combination of the strengths and expertise of the two partners, which are complementary and synergic.

To address the PV O&M market Gridtech and TOPS Energy have joined their forces and have created TOPGRID. The first Professional, Independent and Specialized Provider of O&M Services to Utility Scale PV Plants in the Middle-East and Africa..

TOPGRID is the Professional, Independent and Specialized Provider of O&M Services to Utility Scale PV Plants in the Middle-East and Africa, ensuring the highest quality level and overall energy production performances