The Dust Monitoring Network is a valuable source of information and allow us to measure the “soiling effect” on solar modules in real conditions and develop the most effective cleaning strategies.

The measurements are showing a energy production reduction due to soiling between 0.3 and 0.5% per day.

In this kind of environment, it is therefore necessary to envisage the regular cleaning of the PV modules with a frequency between 15 and 30 days, to be performed with specialized equipment.

To gain insight and hands-on experience on the specific desert environment conditions, TOPGRID has established a partnership with UKC, a specialized provider of dust measurement devices the DDS)  to create the Dust Monitoring Network.

A network of DDS is in operation in various reference locations to collect real data about the effect of dust on the modules and the consequent loss of energy productionüAswan – Egypt.

Amman – Jordan
Dubai - UAE
Abu Dhabi (Masdar) - UAE